About Us

Hup Cheong Roasted Food has more than 20 years of experience in the roasted food industry. We mainly act as distributors supplying roasted food to eateries, restaurants, temples and homes.

Dedicated to providing quality and tasty roasted food to our customers, we employ only the highest craftsmanship in roasting our products. We pick only the finest ingredients and our food are roasted daily to ensure the highest grade of quality and freshness guaranteed.

We have developed a custom made oven that uses indirect, diffused heat to slowly roast the meat for up to 5 hours causing the meat to be crispy on the surface and succulent on the inside. Adding to the roasted perfection is our special family recipe that has been tweaked throughout the years to ensure customers only the best tasting roasted products.



What Our Customers are Saying

“Due to my busy work schedule, Hup Cheong make it easy for me to order all my ancestor worship offering items online. Saving me time and money.  ”

Guan Lin

Tax Consultant